At FJK PC we understand that as a small business owner, you want to dedicate your time to working in and growing the business that is so much a part of you, and not in finding yourself “buried under the books”.  With our extensive small business services, FJK PC can alleviate the burden of too much back end work.  Our small business experts can handle your bookkeeping and  payroll, 1099 and sales tax reporting and make sure that everything is ready for tax preparation as the filing deadline approaches.

Preparing a business tax return is akin to building a house – both require a foundation and are built brick by brick.  And we know that you’d like your bookkeeping tasks to be effortless – or even non-existent!  We provide an independent full-charge bookkeeping service by creating the systems and populating them transaction by transaction.  We maintain the general journal and subsidiary ledgers, bank statement reconciliations, and receivables and payables tracking and analysis.

Payroll is a necessary function for any business that pays individuals, who are not independent of the business, for services rendered.  It is distinct from subcontractor (1099) payments and is predominated by regular, routine payments and the need for very high clerical accuracy.  FJK PC employs an electronic, no-paper process for affecting payrolls, paying payroll taxes, filing payroll returns and year end reports all performed by FJK PC personnel.

Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; but why is it such a difficult process?.  Yes the collection and payment of sales taxes is a difficult task, requiring electronic reporting and payment, but FJK PC takes the pain out of sales tax reporting and payment.  We will register your business with the state, create the bank transfer regimen, report the sales and tax monthly and affect the payment in a timely manner with little or no requirement for management involvement.

The IRS requires businesses to issue a Form 1099 to any individual or unincorporated business paid $600 or more per calendar year for services rendered – and the penalties for non compliance are steep.  Thinking of not reporting that contractor?  Did you know that you could be penalized up to 50% of the amount paid?  FJK PC will solicit the payee information, calculate the reportable amounts and create and file the 1099’s.

Want the full monty?  We can do that too – and more!  FJK PC’s CFO service includes all the back end services that are associated with the financial aspects of running a business.  Bookkeeping (transaction processing, reconciliations, 1099 and payroll processes), Controller (bill payment and vendor management, invoicing deposits and collections, financial statement preparation) and CFO (financial statement analysis, budget preparation, strategic counseling, IRS and Audit liaison, Stakeholder meetings) services are all provided.  The full monty provided so that you can concentrate on your passion – running the business.