At F.J. Koelle & Associates, P.C., we believe there are three keys to client satisfaction:

Clear Communication – Direct, clear lines of communication with the staff members responsible for servicing your account leads to unparalleled client satisfaction. We encourage communication with our clients throughout the year, not merely at year-end or during tax season. By calling or meeting with our clients regularly, we gain familiarity with their concerns and aspirations. Our greatest satisfaction is based upon our ability to become close advisors on financial and personal matters. Your trust is our reward.

Professional Service – Responsible action is the heart and soul of professional service; trust is the result. Our services are provided only by CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and degreed accountants, who have demonstrated their proficiency in tax and accounting matters. Additionally, we utilize only the most advanced and technically proficient software and electronic processes in service to you. We are outcome-based and measure our success based on the mutual understanding of the desired outcome; not merely the delivery of a product. In order to gain understanding one must listen first. We know that you are the best person available to explain your goals and aspirations.

Innovation – Innovation is born of necessity; conceived by understanding. Because we are outcome-based, we are often led to developing innovative strategies that maximize return and client satisfaction. Our knowledge of your style, obtained through personal interactions enables us to tailor a unique approach to your situation. We believe that each person is unique, and requires a unique approach to their affairs.