Taking measures to ensure your health and safety while still managing life’s essential tasks can be hard here in the Willow Grove area (including Montgomery and Bucks Counties) due to the coronavirus. Washing your hands, “social distancing,” and weeding through fake news can be a challenge.  

It is important to take precautions but also continue on with life’s tasks as much as possible – one important task is the filing of taxes. There have been many rumors about extensions to the tax filing deadline and since we are approximately one month from April 15th, you may be wondering…

“When are taxes due?” or “Is the tax deadline going to be extended because of the coronavirus?”  

As of today’s writing, taxes are still due on April 15th.  We are closely monitoring official updates and information released from the IRS. For right now, it is very important to use this time wisely and ensure you are on schedule to file by April 15th.  

Our office is taking all health warnings into consideration and working safely to ensure our clients’ needs are met during this tax season.  

Phone Discussions

We are always available to answer client questions and are ready for calls at this time. While we would rather review statements and talk to you in person, we want you to be comfortable and can conduct your initial meetings over the phone. This has been working very well for our established clients as well as new clients.  

Securely Send Us Your Documents

We are using technology wisely and have years of experience sending and receiving documents using our secure online portal. You can send us copies of all of your important tax documents for us to use in preparing your return. Once we prepare your return we can send it back to you this way as well. You can then review your return online, call us to discuss any questions you may have, approve it online, and then allow us to file the return for you with an electronic signature. If this is your first time using electronic portals we can walk you through the process.  

One of the rumors that we are very concerned about is the assumption of an extension.  First and foremost, a common misconception is that you can simply use the October 15th extension date. If you are using the October 15th extension you still have to file by April 15th with an estimate of what your taxes will be, and also pay that estimate (if you owe). If you need guidance in this area, do not hesitate to call our office.  

Furthermore, we want you to be prepared should the IRS decide not to offer an extension because of the coronavirus. It is best to call us today to get your return started quickly and avoid any problems including late fees and additional penalties.  

This is a time for us to be vigilant about following guidelines and staying healthy. There are many who are at a higher risk and also those who are just more comfortable staying at home.  We respect the decisions you are making for yourself and your family and look forward to working with you on your 2019 tax return however you are comfortable.