In the hectic world in which we live, it is not unusual for careful people to find themselves in difficult situations.  Where do you turn when the bureaucracies of the federal, state or local governments have you in their sights?  As a Circular 230 Professional, FJK PC has the authority to represent you with the IRS and Tax Court that other, non Circular 230 preparers lack.  

Tax Examinations and Representation

Perhaps one of the most unsettling moments in life occurs when the IRS sends a letter of Examination (Ltr 566 or CP2000) informing you that your return is under examination. As Seinfeld once put it, “It’s the financial equivalent of a complete rectal examination”, lol. But actually, there is nothing to laugh about. When this happens do not ignore it! Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away and in fact will add penalties and interest to any final delinquency. Do not make the mistake of trying to defend yourself. IRS examiners know that they often intimidate taxpayers and are trained to ask questions and solicit answers that may compromise your ability to prevail. Much like a court case, it is best that you say nothing and rely on professionals to represent you. Did you know that you likely do not need to meet with the IRS during an examination? At FJK PC we handle the meeting, providing a buffer between you and the IRS and insulating you from the stresses caused by this draconian matter. Furthermore, our professionals often have more experience with the law than the examiners, turning the intimidation factor around!

Delinquent Taxes

It’s true that bad things happen to good people. Perhaps you suffered a casualty, or an injury or lost a good paying job.  Many of us have only months if not weeks of cash reserves.  So it occasionally happens that taxpayers fall behind, one or even more years in paying their tax liabilities.  There are processes including Offers in Compromise, Currently not Collectible Status and Installment Agreements that allow you to negotiate your delinquency with the IRS.  And if things have gone far enough for the IRS to threaten a tax lien or levy, a Collection Due Process Hearing can stop them in their tracks.  At FJK PC we have represented clients at all stages of the collection process and frequently prevail.

Unfiled Returns

What if you haven’t filed your returns in some time?  The IRS is requiring greater and greater reporting from third parties and is investing in much more sophisticated computer systems that are likely to find you at some time.  Additionally, non filing is a criminal offense. Why risk your freedom over such a routine matter as filing a tax return?  We can get you compliant with the law in a matter of days or weeks.  Remember, non filing is much more serious than non  payment.  Don’t let the lack of funds push you from a civil matter to the much more serious criminal matter of non filing.